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Why Hypnosis?

What is hypnosis, anyway? According to the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, it is a tool that allows the mind to focus — similar to how a magnifying glass focuses and intensifies the sun's rays. Unlike the popular myths, you're not actually unconscious while in a hypnotic state, but fully awake and in a heightened state of concentration. There are several different ways that practitioners can help individuals who are under hypnosis: They may present ideas or suggestions, encourage patients to come up with mental images that illustrate positive change, or help them better understand their underlying motivations.

Virtual Hypnosis

Virtual hypnosis is a live session by Zoom/Skype or phone.  Whether you are in another state or local,  virtual hypnosis is right for you. any where you may be.   Some of my clients like the confidence of being at home during our sessions.  As well as the flexibility of scheduling.  


There may be occasions when you may be unable to visit with me in my office but, the desire for a session still exists and that doesn't change.   Regardless of the reason, virtual hypnosis is available to everyone. 


Corporate Hypnosis Training

If your corporation or business can answer YES to any one of the following questions, then you and your staff will profit from "Corporate Hypnosis." 

1. Is your business over-spending on health insurance because of smoking and or over-weight employees?

2.  Would you love to see your staff at their desks working instead of outside smoking?  

3. Wouldn't you like to have healthier employees with less absenteeism due to unnecessary illnesses related to being overweight/smoking and or stress?

Large corporation have used similar programs over the years to motivate and inspire their employees.  The corporate hypnosis program is successful because I utilize essential elements as hypnosis, behavior modification and subconscious/subliminal messages. 

Become a "Smoke-Free" Company,  Healthier staff by losing weight and control "STRESS" which increase work productivity.   



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